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"It is joyful to be with you ones"

Welcome to the website of Carla Neff Gordan, a master spiritual teacher and deep trance-medium that brought us profound spiritual truths through Mary-Guide, other ascended masters and as a result of her own glorious relationship with God. The Guides taught us unconditional love and spiritual truths. Two of the most profound gifts that Carla and Mary-Guide gave us were The Spiritual Laws and The 22 Commandments for the New Age.

For those of you who knew Carla, you may notice some changes since your last visit. Here's the latest news:
From the time of Carla's passing in September 2003, a group of volunteers have worked to organize and ultimately make available to you her vast library of materials. We have over 1000 tapes of various teachings, and we have developed a process to clean up the audio on those tapes and move the programs to CDs. Please check out OUR STORE to see what programs are available now.

If you have a special request or need information, please email us, and we will respond appropriately. We now have a system in place to receive any website correspondence on a continual basis, so that we can provide you with a very prompt response.

In love and light,
The Carla Neff Gordan Library

Carla Neff Gordan