Walk in love....

Carla Neff Gordan known as the Teacher of the Heart

The day after Carla made her transition, many were asking about how to honor Carla in lieu of flowers for the Memorial Service. A wonderful
suggestion was made to form a library to not only honor Carla, but to organize and disseminate her teachings.

For over 30 years, Carla has been teaching us how to grow spiritually. Through Mary-guide and her fellow teachers from the other
side, we have gained insight and understanding into our absolute goodness. We have felt unconditional love. We have had our vision "lifted beyond
earth into areas of absolute truth".

So, the work is well underway! To date, we have organized and cataloged most of the tapes. We are now moving into the digital world by
transferring, on a priority basis, tapes into a digital format, making teachings accessible via CD or MP3.

The work will continue for many years - even though we do have the catalog complete, the interpretation and transcription of these materials
will be an ongoing labor of love.

We have spoken to Carla since she left this planet and we are confident she will continue her teaching not only in Spirit, "a place we call Summerland," but also through the dissemination of her programs here in our physical world.

If you would like to transform your life, as many of her students have, decide now to take part in a path of study using her programs that are available to you. Please visit our Store page to see what programs are currently available.

Peace, Love and Joy to all.