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Carla was an avid reader and 'collector' of friends near and far. In this section, our goal is to connect you with the many resources that she used and recommended. Click on the links and recommended reading tabs above to take the journey that she often took...and enjoy!

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Over the years, the Guides gave us many Spiritual Equivalents...those spiritual issues and challenges that correspond to different health issues. We hope to add to this list over time as we uncover additional wisdom found in a wide variety of her teachings.


Below is a list of the books that Carla felt were most important to read if you wanted to have a great understanding of spirituality and religion. This list is by no means totally inclusive of all of the works that she loved. If you know of other books that she or Mary-Guide recommended, please send those to us so that we may update this list to include them. Please email: info@carlaneffgordan.com

Allen, James

  • As a Man Thinketh

Barker, Raymond Charles

  • Power of Decision
  • Science of Successful Living

Bloodworth, Venice

  • Key to Yourself

Braden, Charles

  • Spirits in Rebellion
    • History of New Thought Movement.  Excellent Summary of Thomas Trowards' works

Brown, Tom

  • Visions

Butterworth, Eric

  • Spiritual Economics
  • Discover the Power Within You

Cady, H. Emilie

  • Lessons in Truth

Cohen, Alan

  • The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  • Rising in Love
  • Healing of the Planet Earth
  • Joy is my Compass
  • Dare to be Yourself
  • The Peace that you Seek
  • Mr. Everit's Secret

Drummond, Henry

  • The Greatest Thing in the World

Emerson, Ralph Waldo

  • His essays and any other authored publications

Fox, Emmet

  • Sermon on the Mount
  • Power Through Constructive Thinking
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Diagrams for Living (advanced Bible work)
  • Pamphlets
    • Life is Consciousness
    • Mental Equivalents

Gaze, Harry

  • Emmet Fox, the Man and his Work

Gibran, Kahlil

  • The Prophet

Girzone, Joseph F

  • The entire Joshua series:  Joshua, Joshua and the Children...

Goldsmith, Joel

  • Practicing the Presence
  • Gift of Love
  • Contemplative Life
  • Invisible Supply
  • Many others...

Hall, Manly P.

  • Twelve World Teachers
  • Healing, The Divine Art
  • The Ways of the Lonely Ones
  • Old Testament Wisdom
  • The Mystical Christ
  • All others...

Hanh, Thich Nyat

  • Old Path White Clouds
  • Being Peace
  • Peace is Every Step
  • The Sun is My Heart
  • Miracle of Mindfulness

Heshel, Abraham

  • The Prophets
  • The Earth is the Lord's
  • Sabbath

Holmes, Ernest

  • Science of Mind
  • How to Use the Science of Mind
  • All others...

Howe, Jr, Quincy

  • Reincarnation for the Christian

James, William

  • Varieties of Religious Experience

Khan, Hazrat Inayat

  • In an Eastern Rose Garden

Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth

  • On Death and Dying

Moody, Jr., Raymond

  • Life Beyond Life

Muller, Herbert J.

  • Uses of the Past

Murphy, Joseph

  • Christian Victory

Powell, John

  • Why am I Afraid to Tell you Who I Am
  • The Secret of Staying in Love

Satterly, Lamont

  • Tattooed in the Cradle

Shonefield, Louis

  • The Passover Plot
  • The Jesus Party

Silver Birch - Maurice Barnanell, medium for 50 years

  • The Teaching of Silver Birch
  • Anthology of Silver Birch

Steadman, Alice

  • Mental Equivalents
  • Who's the Matter With Me?

Strong, Mary

  • Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood

Wapnick, Kenneth

  • Forgiveness and Jesus

White Eagle

  • Wisdom of White Eagle
  • Sunrise
  • Path of the Soul
  • Spiritual Unfoldment
  • The Quiet Mind

Wolhorn, Herman - close friend and lifelong secretary to Emmet Fox

  • Emmet Fox's Golden Keys to Successful Living



Alan Cohen – www.alancohen.com
Alan Cohen is the author of the best selling book "The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore" and 20 other hugely successful books. He teaches and conducts workshops around the world, and has helped thousands of people on their spiritual path. His work is profound yet frequently laced with a humor that is so needed in the world. Carla worked with Alan for many years, including his well-known Mastery Training programs held in Hawaii.

Charley Thweatt – www.musicangel.com
Charley Thweatt's music is both inspiring and uplifting. He describes his music as spiritual, acoustic pop music. He has many CD's that are fantastic, including favorites, "Take Your Power Back" and "It's Me In Here".

Healing Heart Productions – www.healing-heart.com
Mark Tucker has produced some of the most beautiful videos using his incredible photography combined with serene and uplifting music. Carla's grand children, Taylor and Kelsey are found in a couple of Mark's productions!

Intentions Work - www.intentionswork.com
Ann Ranson was a student of Carla's for many years, and even worked as her business manager for a couple of those years. As one of the Board of Directors of Peace Valley, she was heavily involved in the marketing and business of spreading the important wisdom that Carla and the Guides gave us. Now, she has moved on to become a 'teacher of the heart' in her own right. Visit her website where you can learn more about her work as a spiritual life coach, public speaker and facilitator of classes and workshops.


Please check back for posting of the Spiritual Equivalents as given to us by the Guides.
In the meantime, if you have information on Spiritual Equivalents from readings, we are trying to collect this information. Please send an email to info@carlaneffgordan.com.
Thank you!