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Note: Our standard production is a CD in MP3 format.  Before ordering, please check your CD players to determine that you can play an MP3 CD.  If you need Standard Audio CD (SA), please add $3.00 per extra CD required for the program.  The transcripts will be emailed to you in MS Word 2003 format. The transcripts are $20.00.

These are short programs, they are 1 CD either MP3 or SA, please specify

These are priced at: $10.00
Note: I usually add extra bonus material to these short programs.

91st Psalm, Carla's Thanksgiving Message at Angels Abode, Nov. 24, 2002, 1 CD

A New Day, Carla's Sunday Morning Talk at Angels Abode, Jan 5, 2003, 1 CD

Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship Lecture, Hear Carla sing "My Hero"- 1 CD

Prosperity, Carla's Sunday morning class at Angels Abode- 1CD

Relationships, Carla's Sunday morning class at Angels Abode- 1CD

Self Love, Carla's Sunday morning class at Angels Abode- 1CD

Story of Christmas, Carla's Sunday morning class at Angels Abode on Dec. 8, 2002- 1CD

During 1994 and the period around that time, Carla channeled a monthly "SOUL" tape which was mailed to subscribers. SOUL refers to "Society of Universal Love" which was one of the organizations Carla had during her teaching career. These tapes are being processed and made available on CD, or MP3 downloads. Each class is typically 30 minutes followed by a group discussion.



The following programs are channeled, either 1 CD MP3, or multiple CDs SA

These are priced at $15.00, for MP3, add $3.00 per CD for SA


A Day With Mary/Carla Programs
Day With Carla- Carla talks about judgment, fear & rejection, reasons you chose your mate, what love is, harmony, praise, honesty, trust and many other subjects. This program is all about Carla, who she is and why she believes what she teaches. 4 CD
Claim Your Power 2 CD Transcript available
Judgment 6-16-1996 3 CD
Manifestation 3-18-1989 3 CD
Perception 9-11-1996 3 CD Transcript available
Personal Power 4 CD
Self Esteem 6-28-1997 4 CD Transcript available
Twenty Two Commandments 3 CD
Why Are we Here 3 CD
The Spiritual Laws CD is not available because there were too many technical issues with the audio. The transcript has been compiled into book form, "The Book of The Spiritual Laws," and is available for $40.00 via email.

Also available: "A Soul Becoming," a book/journal/autobiography written by Carla. This is all about Carla, her life, her loves, her beliefs and her experiences. $40.00 via email.

Living The Spiritual Laws- a workbook written by Ann Ranson, available from: http://intentionswork.com/favorite-things.html
Fireside Chats  
3-15-97 4 CD
3-16-97 4 CD Transcript available
3-17-96 4 CD Transcript available
3-30-96 4 CD Transcript available
5-19-01 3 CD Transcript available
6-15-96 4 CD Transcript available
6-29-97 2 CD Transcript available
8-3-97 5 CD Transcript available
9-6-97 2 CD
9-14-96 3 CD Transcript available
9-99 4 CD Transcript available
10-6-96 4 CD Transcript available
10-12-02 5 CD Transcript available
10-23-99 3 CD Transcript available


            If you have a favorite program of Carla/Mary on tape that you would like to have on CD please contact the Library.  If your program is a copy of one that we do not already have, you may ship the tapes to us and we will return the program to you on CD at no cost to you (except you pay shipping), and then make that program available to others.  Editor



            Buy one of the above listed programs, write a brief review and submit it to the Editor, that's me, Noble Crawford, and receive a free copy of Carla's "Book of Prayers and Meditations," on CD (which includes my personal favorite- "The Crystal Statue Meditation," This is a 15 minute meditation that Carla did while living here at Angels Abode and I use it every morning in my prayer time). Your review will be used to advertise the program.